Sisyphus update — Build 1.0

There are no Coincidences

I immediately told him about my plans of creating a web-based habit tracker called Sisyphus. He loved the premise and shared his idea of an ideal productivity app as well. We talked for a great while over a few more rounds of beers about what our habit trackers would look like and function. What would the artwork and theme be? Which features would be the most useful? How could we enable users to check on their progress and their friends? And most importantly what about it would make us want to use it? Having stumbled onto the same pet project with similar struggles in life we decided to join forces. After all, two heads are better than one. Not to mention we did share a single brain cell throughout all of 11 and 12th grade.

Sisyphus — Form

As mentioned in my earlier post Sisyphus is inspired and named after “the myth of Sisyphus”, a book by Albert Camus. Sisyphus being a character in Homer’s Iliad and other works of Greek Mythology it only seemed right to have a Greek theme and artwork for the tracker. Easier said than done. Ancient Greece is nothing but art. We can’t just use any artwork from ancient Greece though it has to be something that was easily recognisable as Greek in origin but not too grandiose. Something like Hercules slaying the Neymar lion but minus the heroic bravery? Artwork from something that the people of Ancient Greece used every day.

Zero to Hero lyrics video from Hercules the animated movie released by Disney in 1995.
Greek Vase with black painting depicting Achilles and Ajax playing dice.
Achilles and Ajax playing dice.
image attribute — Wikimedia Commons
Antique Greek Vase depicting Persephone overseeing Sisyphus taking his stone to the underworld.
Persephone oversees Sisyphus taking his stone to the underworld.
image attribute — Wikimedia Commons

Sisyphus — Function

On the opening screen after signing in with their email id and name a user would be able to see their very own Sisyphus standing next to a pebble. The pebble represents the various tasks that the user has to achieve in a day/week. As you add more tasks/habits in the tracker the size of the pebble increases and thus the harder you make it for yourself and Sisyphus to roll it forward. Every task will require a time and a day at which it must be done/begun along with an end date for when you’d like to end the habit/task.

Something similar to these. Image attribute — Brian Sachetta

[Add Habits/tasks choose how frequently you’d like to perform them and when. Select an end date. Watch your boulder and mountain size update. Help your Sisyphus conquer his obstacles to spit in the face of the gods.]

We’ll need to add a notification to check whether or not you’ve completed your tasks/habits within the selected time. Every time you get something done within the assigned time Sisyphus rolls the boulder forward a little. And if you don’t then he slips and the boulder rolls backwards.



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