Photo by Nicolas Soriano |Pexels

How could such a simple act be heroic? Why is donating blood a heroic feat?

Photo by Charlie-Helen Robinson |Pexels

Hero’s aren’t personalities who happen to be larger than life. They’re everyday people; who just choose to be, larger than the problem.

So, who can donate?

Photo by Nguyễn Hiệp |Unsplash

The whole procedure should last only about 20 minutes in total. From questionnaire to blood grouping and collection.

Would it Hurt?

How many Heroes do we need?

Photo by AhmadArdity |pixabay

Are there any side effects?



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Abhijay Arjunan

Abhijay Arjunan


I use Medium as a sounding board for the various ideas and observations I come across. And to occasionally vent about my long list of pending DIY projects.